Hace tiempo que no le dabamos a los mashups. Para reivindicarnos acá va una buena lista de temas para el bailongo fusionado:

Download ALT-F4 vs.Annie Lennox – ALT-F17 Again
Download Alizee vs. Pet Shop Boys – Home and Marre
Download Aretha Franklin vs. Blur – Rock 2
Download Black Eyed Peas vs. Natalie Imbruglia – Lovetorn
Download Darude vs. The Killers – I Can Feel Sombody Told Me
Download Depeche Mode vs. Richard Harris – MacArthur, I & Myself
Download HIM vs. Basic Element – This Must Be Wings of the Butterfly
Download J. Lo vs. U2 – I’m Real A Little While
Download Michael Jackson vs. Bloodhound Gang – Smooth Touch
Download Mousse T. vs. Caesar’s Palace – Jerk Me Horny
Download Nick Cave vs. J. Lo – Waiting By Her Side
Download Pet Shop Boys vs. Corona – Rhythm of the Sin
Download Sade vs. New Order – Crystal By Your Side
Download Spice Girls vs. The Doors – Spice Up My Fire
Download The Bangles vs. Inner Circle – Bad Boys Like Changes
Download The Cure vs. Christina Aguilera – Maybe Somday In A Bottle
Download The Darkness vs. Annie Lennox – Bareback Bird
Download The Donnas vs. Bomfunk MC – No Way Take It Off
Download Queen vs. The Offspring – We Will Rock You Alright
Download The Smiths vs. Jennifer Lopez – There Is A Jenny From the Block

Vía MuchMusic.Net