Greetings Empyreans

Archaeologists have uncovered interglacial cave paintings deep within a rock shelter in Mexico’s Guerrero Peninsula. The paintings date between 4,200 and 8,000 years ago, making them the most important finding of the millennia. The site was previously believed to be the birthplace of La Llorona, or “The Weeping Woman”.

“This must have been a place of memory”, said Ramon Fortunato, an archaeologist at the University of Monterrey, of the site. “The people of this region may have kept it secret, in order to harness its power”.

Inhabitants from the area are thought to be directly related to the “Empire of the Sun”, responsible for protecting the Earth from catastrophe for generations.

Así de quemada es la carta que The Empire of the Sun manda a sus “empíreos” seguidores. Poco entendimos, pero al parecer todo tendrá sentido cuando veas su nuevo video “Discovery”, parte de su nuevo trabajo Ice on the Dune (EMI, 2013) que estará viendo la luz en junio próximo.

Les dejamos el estreno de Empire of the Sun.